Welcome to knitcidents – Audio test Post


Drop Stitch Knooking

Cast on an uneven number of stitches (in my sample 11)

Knook 2 rows (knit stitch)

In the third row, increase by knooking into the loop of the stitch of the previous row AND the stitch of the needle. The arrows show where I will increase the stitches; right now, there are 11 stitches on the cord.

Important: mark the side that faces you when increasing with a coloured piece of yarn, it is the “right” side – the yarn marker has to face you later when you drop the stitches.

After increasing, I have 16 stitches (additional ones pointed out by arrows):

Now knook (I only used knit stitches) for as long as you want, but remember – in the row you plan to drop the stitches, the yarn marker has to face you! (aka – an even number of rows AFTER adding the stitches). The yarn marker is not in my pics, sorry about that. Continue reading