UltraScarf – free crocheting pattern

download now – from ravelry

download now – from rapidshare (use the corresponding link; for free users, it may take a while before your download begins. Thanks for your patience!)

* Ultra slim – no more than 5 stitches in width per row

* Ultra long – make it very very very long so you can wrap to your heart’s content

* Ultra easy – all you need to know is how to make double crochets (US terminology)

* Ultra zig-zag – without having to zig or to zag, the effect is automatic

* Ultra fast – before you know it, you have a length of a meter or two

* Ultra fun – make many in different colours, solid or variegated, long or short colour changes, everything goes

* Ultra versatile – combine with different colours, wrap tightly or loosely, braid, coil, etc

All you need is

* a skein of yarn – whichever you fancy – I used Lana Grossa Meilenweit sock yarn (about 50 grams)

* a hook that fits it – I used a 4mm / G hook

* the knowledge about a double crochet (US terminology, triple crochet for British)

* and a movie to watch at the same time!

Gauge is not important, at all. (Unless you want to sew them together, then it would be best if all parts were done with the same kind of yarn and the same hook)

Let’s get started:

 * chain 4

* make 4 double crochets in 4th chain from hook (a shell forms)

* chain 3, turn (counts as double crochet)

* make 4 double crochets in first stitch (corner of previous shell)

* chain 3, turn – and continue as above for as long as you like or until you run out of yarn.

 Easy, isn’t it? Just using one corner of each shell creates the zig-zag effect, and it works up really fast.

Have fun!

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