Sturdy Potholders….

Written a new pattern – it’s up on ravelry for download against a small contribution, since developing caused some brain-freezes and blisters on a finger. (You might have to be a ravelry member to view)

It is for a very sturdy double-thick potholder born from the marriage of different techniques. It has 4 different colours, two on each side.

Why is this pattern not for free, when it’s “just a potholder”?

Because the instructions contain a photo tutorial to an entire technique that is innovating existing ones. This potholder is made in one go, it is NOT two sides made separately and then sewn together.

The technique can be used for other items, like hot pads, place mats or rugs. It could also be taken a step further and combined with the tapestry crochet technique to make patterns instead of stripes.

Thank you for your understanding!






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