Drop Stitch Knooking

Cast on an uneven number of stitches (in my sample 11)

Knook 2 rows (knit stitch)

In the third row, increase by knooking into the loop of the stitch of the previous row AND the stitch of the needle. The arrows show where I will increase the stitches; right now, there are 11 stitches on the cord.

Important: mark the side that faces you when increasing with a coloured piece of yarn, it is the “right” side – the yarn marker has to face you later when you drop the stitches.

After increasing, I have 16 stitches (additional ones pointed out by arrows):

Now knook (I only used knit stitches) for as long as you want, but remember – in the row you plan to drop the stitches, the yarn marker has to face you! (aka – an even number of rows AFTER adding the stitches). The yarn marker is not in my pics, sorry about that.

Now you knook across – SKIPPING all those stitches you added earlier. All the knooked stitches will be on your hook, the skipped ones will still be on the cord (arrows; the picture is not 100% clear):

Then you pull out the cord, leaving the knooked stitches on the hook, and the skipped ones are now without support:

Pull on the fabric until they have dropped all the way down to where you added them – you have created 5 ladders (in my example) and once again, you only have 11 stitches on the hook:

(sorry about the crappy picture!)

I used a worsted weight acrylic yarn and a nr 7 (4.5 mm) Denise interchangeable hook to try this out.

The yarn had a very slight tendency to split, which made it difficult for the stitches to drop properly. Make sure you split your yarn as little as possible, and help your stitches to go down all the way…

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