Creating lacy gothy slave bracelet-style gloves…

I had this idea of making a “barefoot sandal” like thing for hands, I wanted it to imitate henna tattoos.

In search of ideas, I was leafing through an old crocheting magazine I found when cleaning up my cellar, and it is full of tutorials and interesting patterns.

I was looking at one of the lacy patterns – a square crocheted in rounds –¬† that is actually meant to be crocheted on to other squares, and I thought – well – what if I crocheted that thing in black and turned it diagonally? And make something gothy instead?

So I started out, it is quite a fiddly and messy affair, and half made it up as I went, since actually the pattern needs a lot of attention, the way it’s written. On one end I added a loop for the middle finger and tried it on – it looks gorgeous! I decided on a way to fasten it to the wrist (but I’ll have to look through my button stash to see if I can find 2 same buttons – preferably small, and dark red), and they are going to have another, bigger loop around the forearm.

Photos coming up soon, either tonight or tomorrow, I am in a food break before finishing them off…

* * * * * *

Edited to add a picture:

When I was doing this, I didn’t know yet if it was going to turn out right¬† so I didn’t add all the loops in one go. Since this has been quite successful so far, the next ones I am going to make are going to have the loops integrated (by then I will also know exactly how!)

Sorry if the image seems a bit distorted, I scanned it, but I cleaned the scanner first, and sometimes that seems to disturb the optics. I will look after it, but I think now it’s bed time!

* * *

Follow-up: I have finished them – and I am mighty happy about them – look:

I have listed them here, as a custom.made item – so if you want something similar, follow the instructions on the post! Thanks for looking :D

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4 Responses

  1. They are really beautiful. I don’t have that much patience I’m afraid.
    I’m having trouble finding a pattern for crochet gloves. Does anyone have a good one or know where I could find one?

    • Dear teresa,
      thank you for your comment. I had found a pattern for mittens made from sock yarn, all single crochets, if you’re interested (but be advised, they’d take more patience than the lacy ones there ;) )

      Check out the Crochet Pattern Central, they have a category for gloves and mittens!

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